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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Michael ("Mick") Collins (Irish: Mícheál Ó Coileáin; 16 October 1890 – 22 August 1922) was an Irish revolutionary leader, Minister for Finance and MP for Cork South in the First Dáil of 1919, Director of Intelligence for the IRA, and member of the Irish delegation during the Anglo-Irish Treaty negotiations. Subsequently he was both Chairman of the Provisional Government and Commander-in-chief of the National Army. Throughout this time, at least as of 1919, he was also President of the Irish Republican Brotherhood. He was shot and killed in August 1922, during the Irish Civil War.

Although most Irish political parties recognise his contribution to the foundation of the modern Irish state, supporters of Fine Gael hold his memory in particular esteem, regarding him as their movement's founding father, through his link to their precursor Cumann na nGaedhael.

Michael Collins is buried at Glasnevin Cemetery, Glasnevin, Dublin, Ireland. Below are photographs of his grave taken in January after Irelands first heavy snow fall in a good few years, and the latter photographs were taken 1st May 2010.

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Michael Collins grave has thousands of visitors each year and it is always covered in flowers. When I went the first time to visit I was lucky enough to bump into his great grand newphew who was visiting the grave for the first time after many many years of sorrow within the family.

By Mandie

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